To make your choice simplier
I have three options to offer:

- 1 style of clothing
- 1 location
- 30 minutes shooting
- 3 retouched images

Price: 100€, any additional image will cost 20€

- 2 styles of clothing
- 1/2 locations within walking distance
- 45 minutes - 1 hour of shooting
- 8 retouched images

Price: 170€, any additional image will cost 20€

If my Basic & Optimal options don't suit your needs, or you have any special wishes, need pictures for press or other purposes —please contact me, and we shall find the absolute best way for your photo shoot to happen. I work with make-up artists and studio light to create high-quality imagery.
If you are not in a hurry and also wish to save some money, I offer Business Photo Days 1-2 times a month. For this, I book a studio for a whole day (normally, Saturdays) and we make photoshootings one after another. This will cost you 10-15% less, depending on the package.

The very beginning
You contact me. We decide on a date, time, location, package and the style of shooting.
Just before the photo shoot
If you book in advance, we contact one day before to check on the weather conditions, wishes and all other small issues.
The photo shoot
It will take us from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the style and the complexity of the photoshoot.

Normally I send the contact sheets so that you could choose the images that are to be retouched within one day from the shooting, sometimes on the very same evening.
The delivery
I always retouch images to fashion industry standards. No skin imperfections, no dust, no visual garbage, no funny colours.
You'll love them. That is why it may take 2-3 days to finish the work.

After the images are ready, I shall send you a download link. I shall provide high-resolution pictures that you can use for your purposes.
After all work is done
Now you have probably the best business photographs in Berlin.

Please feel free to recommend me to your friends and colleagues, I really appreciate that!
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